Aurora Circuits Acquires a CIM Galaxy VIA AOI Machine

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Aurora Circuit has purchased and installed a new CIM Galaxy VIA AOI 30 um AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) machine.

“After weighing all of our options we came to the conclusion, that the Galaxy VIA AOI machine was absolutely the best option for us not only right now but in the future as well. As we continue our complete facility upgrade at Aurora our goal is to buy the best equipment available today. During the past year we have been steadily increasing our capabilities and technology to the point where this equipment is but one of the key items of our capital budget. These are exciting times for us at Aurora where the future looks brighter than ever,” said Dr. Chris Kalmus, owner and president of Aurora Circuit, when making the announcement.

About the Galaxy VIA AOI machine

The systems’ illumination is powered by unique ViaLight technology providing transmissive light source built in the scanning table. The optical Microlight illumination provides simultaneous light coverage from the top ensuring most accurate and complete acquisition of external and internal shape of a through via hole

 Galaxy VIA AOI Machine is capable of inspecting through laser drills as small as 20 microns in diameter, detect undersized and oversized defects, contamination, and debris inside, plugged or missing holes as well as drill shifts  beyond allowable tolerances.


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