Atotech, Nabet India Launch COVID-19 Awareness Campaign 'Atotech Cares'

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Atotech, a leading specialty chemicals technology company and a market leader in advanced electroplating solutions, is joining together with National Association For The Blind (Employment & Training) (NABET INDIA), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), based in Gurgaon India in order to increase the impact of our COVID-19 relief activities.

Atotech, NABET INDIA, and the local authorities announced the official launch of an awareness and support campaign in the Sidhrawali and Manesar areas. As part of the campaign, the local communities will receive personal protection equipment (PPE), testing and vaccination services as well as enhanced training on preventative measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Families which have suffered from job loss caused by the pandemic will receive food rations.

The campaign will last two months, and it is expected to reach around 2,000 people, which is around 30 percent of the local population.

Naveen Goudar, Managing Director of Atotech India says, "I’m very proud of how quickly we have been able to reach out and support the communities in the Sidhrawali and Manesar areas. Atotech makes health & safety the top priority of our working environment. Today, we are expanding that priority and are delivering on our promise to give back to the communities where we are active by contributing to their protection and well-being in these challenging times.”

Usha Mishra, Managing Trustee of NABET INDIA explains, "In India, COVID-19 has disproportionately affected the lives of the poor and disabled, especially in rural areas. In this population, people lack education and information about how they can best protect themselves and others. Therefore, I am extremely glad to partner with Atotech for this important project. I’m convinced that it will contribute to improving everyone’s safety.”

Atotech is sponsoring the campaign and will also provide employee volunteers. NABET INDIA will liaise with the local and district authorities, manage procurement and distribution as well as mobilize villagers and coordinate activities.

Atotech successfully operates two sites in Sidhrawali and Manesar (India) that contribute to Atotech’s global success as they are crucial for many of Atotech’s customers, especially in the Asian market. Recently, Atotech celebrated the inauguration of its R&D and TechCenter in Manesar, a world-class R&D facility serving as a global hub for Atotech’s development, testing and qualification of some of the most innovative and sustainable products in the surface finishing industry.

As part of Atotech’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment, Atotech encourages community volunteerism and engagement at the local level, across the world. Atotech organizes and participates in numerous CSR-related events worldwide. As part of these efforts, the company works with various global partners serving multiple needs in society. Among these are scholarship programs, donations to environmental organizations, and charitable activities such as supporting families in need. In the coming years, Atotech plans to expand its activities to serve a wider portion of the communities in which it operates in.


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