Calumet Electronics Names Dr. Meredith LaBeau Chief Technology Officer

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Calumet Electronics has elevated its commitment to producing on-shore, next-generation printed circuit boards for the American electronics industry with the appointment of Dr. Meredith LaBeau as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Naming a CTO is an essential step in strengthening Calumet's corporate structure and advancing its business strategy. Chief Technology Officer is an executive-level position focused on internal and external science and technology advancement.

"Dr. LaBeau has consistently led advanced technology development for Calumet Electronics." said Calumet President/CEO Stephen Vairo. "She brings critical technology paths forward for our customers, suppliers, and engineering teams."

As CTO, Meredith's role has come at a critical time. The future of the American electronics industry is at stake for vital sectors such as aerospace and defense, an industry that must not only be able to design next-gen electronic systems but manufacture these systems within U.S. borders. At the very center is the on-shore engineering and manufacturing of next-gen printed circuit boards. Vairo adds, "We're proud and excited to have Dr. LaBeau at the technology helm of Calumet Electronics to help lead the successful future of American electronics."

Dr. LaBeau has a master's degree and a Ph.D. in environmental engineering and a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering from Michigan Technological University. This year, after receiving recognition as a Thought Leader by IPC, Dr. LaBeau earned an advanced certification in Executive Education from Tuck University. She has represented the PCB industry at the White House and is engaged in multiple industry functions.

Before becoming CTO, Dr. LaBeau served eight years as the company's Director of Process Engineering and Director of Research & Development. Her promotion recognizes her thought leadership and efforts to advance Calumet's impact on the American electronics industry. 

"I am proud and excited to be named CTO of Calumet Electronics," said Dr. LaBeau. "We have been hard at work for years developing next-generation technology to support the domestic industry, and it's only the beginning. I appreciate the opportunity to continue to advance Calumet through technology, advocacy, and our direct investment in talent and personnel. I'm grateful for the opportunity to join an experienced and passionate executive team, and I'm eager to be part of the driving force of Calumet's technological excellence."




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