ICAPE Group Releases New Video Series Showcasing PCB, PCBA Testing and Rework Services

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ICAPE Group is releasing a new series of videos on Youtube: eight videos on their full-range offer of testing and rework for both bare and assembled boards performed in their in-house lab in Indianapolis, IN.

The first video was released on August 10 and highlights Electrical Testing - Flying Probe Testing.

The bare board electrical test is an automatic test to verify net continuity and the absence of shorts on the board. Flying Probe Bare Board Testing ensures that PCBs match the original designers net list and the assembly division does not assemble a defective PCB.  It’s a fixtureless In-Circuit Test that can test thousands of connections in seconds.

ICAPE’s on-going investment in their laboratory and test facility at corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, IN defines their commitment to quality. The lab, combined with unparalleled engineering support, allows them to independently perform all PCB testing of products.

ICAPE_test.jpgThe state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with over 30 ultra-modern machines that inspect the boards and board assemblies procured to guarantee an exact match with the design file, while offering standalone services to detect a wide range of manufacturing defects.

ICAPE will release one video per month for a total of eight months. Visit their Youtube channel now to view the first in the series.



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