I-Connect007 Editor’s Choice: Five Must-Reads for the Week

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The past couple weeks have delivered quite a bit of PCB manufacturing industry news, to be sure. If you haven’t already seen this news piece from USPAE,  “Electronics Industry Summit With US DoD Spawns More Dialogue, Collaboration,”  I’d like to bring it to your attention one more time.

The governmental focus on semiconductor chips without considering printed circuit boards is like the government encouraging automobile production simply by funding the manufacture of engine pistons. There’s an entire system here that needs encouragement if we want to succeed at preserving our technology manufacturing infrastructure. We encourage you to look into what the USPAE is working on, but not at the exclusion of other industry groups such as IPC, SMTA, iNEMI, IEEE, SEMI, and others, who advocate on our behalf just as tirelessly.

And, a northern hemisphere fashion tip for next week: remember to swap out your white buck summer shoes after the Monday U.S. Labor Day holiday. This coming weekend marks the official end of the summer fashion season. Me, I’ll be swapping my fancy cowboy boots for the plain black winter versions.

Inpixon, Ostendo Reimagine Hybrid Workplace with Wearable Augmented Reality Display Glasses 
Published August 27

There are numerous participants in the AI/AR technology space. In this news article (which drew a large number of reader interest), Inpixion and Ostendo state that the two companies “will jointly pursue customer opportunities aimed at launching new augmented reality (AR) enabled solutions incorporating Ostendo's AR smart glasses and Inpixon's award-winning location, computer vision and AR technologies.”

Koh Young Speaking at the Hybrid eSMART Factory Conference 
Published August 30

“As a firm believer in the power of a smart factory, Koh Young, the industry leader in True3D™ measurement-based inspection solutions, is a session speaker and Platinum Sponsor at the upcoming eSMART Factory Conference on 22 and 29 September 2021 in Coventry, United Kingdom.”

PCB Technologies Adds to Leadership Team 
Published August 27

Changes in the organizational structure at Israel-based PCB Technologies, as the company continues their globalization: Yaniv Maydar joins as VP of R&D and Innovation; Reuven Avni also joined as Chief Information Officer.

From DesignCon: Technica’s 35 Years of Progress 
Published August 30

During DesignCon 2021, I caught up with Frank Medina of Technica, who looks back on the company’s 35-year history and how it has successfully weathered the bumps in the electronics market. Frank also looks forward, sharing his insight on the direction of the industry.

MIRTEC Launches AI-based Smart Factory Automation Solution ‘INTELLI-PRO’ 
Published September 2

From the article, “The goal of using AI is to reduce the level of operator proficiency required to maintain the highest levels of manufacturing quality and efficiency.” Mirtec continues to work on developing AI for their line of equipment.

Calumet Electronics Showcasing Domestic Manufacturing Technologies at SATELLITE 2021 
Published September 2

The SATELLITE 2021 Conference and Exhibition in Washington D.C is recognized as a critical and inclusive gathering of space and satellite thought leaders. Calumet will highlight its domestic manufacturing readiness for highly integrated HDI PCBs and for organic substrate manufacturing technologies for advanced multichip packaging.


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