IEC Partners atg and Eternal Technology Receive Award from TTM Technologies

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IEC is pleased and proud to congratulate two of their supply partners, atg Luther & Maelzer and Eternal Technology, for winning a Global Supplier Award this year from TTM Technologies.

Test technology company atg Luther & Maelzer was presented the award for equipment, and laminate partner Eternal Technology won for wet and dry films.  Both continue to shine as exemplary suppliers to the PCB industry, in particular to one of the world’s leading printed circuit board manufacturers, TTM Technologies.  Both IEC Canada and IEC USA continue to distribute into the North American market on behalf of both companies and are excited that both companies have won again after having received this prestigious award in 2020.  IEC would like to thank atg Luther & Maelzer and Eternal Technology Corporation for all you do. Keep up the great service and product offering!



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