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Royal Circuit Solutions, a global manufacturer of quick-turn printed circuit boards, announced the addition of ordering and status tracking to its new and improved website. The customer portal is the latest advancements in Royal Circuits’ ongoing mission to make it faster and easier for engineers to get PCBs for their innovative electrical projects. 

“Questions regarding order status account for more than half the calls our customer service teams receive from customers,” said Mehul Shah, Director of Software Development. “Putting this information online further improves our customer service and gives engineers access to the information they need at all times. Plus, with improved online ordering and pricing, the entire PCB transaction can now be done through our website. We make it so easy and fast for engineers to get quality PCBs, there is no reason to go anywhere else.”

New & Improved Quoting and Ordering

  • Royal Circuits’ web visitors can now price jobs and order PCBs in minutes.
  • Once ordered, every job is checked using our DFM software.
  • After the design is approved for manufacturability, it is released to the production floor.
  • Boards typically are manufactured in 3 days or faster.

Real-Time Order Status

  • Simply enter your unique order ID number and instantly see exactly where your boards are in the production process.
  • Receive an automatic notification when your PCBs have shipped.
  • Know when your PCBs will be delivered.
  • See previous jobs for easy re-orders.

Every process in Royal Circuits’ factory of the future has been optimized to reduce PCB production time and increase quality.



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