Sunstone Circuits Recognized With Cigna Well-being Award

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Cigna has selected Sunstone Circuits as a recipient of its annual Cigna Well-being Award for demonstrating a strong commitment to improving the health and well-being of its employees through a workplace wellness program.

Sunstone’s wellness program encourages employees to live a healthy lifestyle. It has been extra tough with the pandemic guidelines, but employees have really stepped up. They are encouraged to earn wellness incentives throughout the year by getting an annual physical, participating in companywide challenges, going to the dentist, etc.

“At Sunstone Circuits, employee health is our top priority and we are honored to be selected as a recipient of the Cigna Well-being Award. We will continue to prioritize health and wellness to our employees as an ongoing effort to educate and inspire them to make informed decisions to create a healthy lifestyle,” said Sheri Kuretich, Sunstone Circuits HR director/wellness coordinator.

Sunstone understands the important role employee well-being plays in a company’s success and the relationship between a more productive, satisfied workforce and business performance. 

Employers can help build resilience in their workforce by emphasizing holistic health management, and offering tools and resources including wellness programs. Cigna is a leader in improving employee health and creating a healthy work environment. Many employers are seeing lower healthcare costs as a result of wellness initiatives.

Cigna Well-Being Award applicants are evaluated based on the core components of their well-being program, including leadership engagement, company culture, strategy and goals, implementation, and employee engagement. All applications are scored and reviewed by a panel of Cigna health promotion experts.

“Good health contributes to a positive working environment and personal life; it helps boost morale, and creates a healthy lifestyle at work and at home. It’s why we continue to promote health and wellness here at Sunstone,” said Terry Heilman, Sunstone Circuits CEO.


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