Isola Shows Myriad of Materials at productronica 2021 Exhibition

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Isola Group, a global innovator in materials for printed circuit boards (PCBs), will be showing a wide range of its wares at the upcoming Productronica 2021 exhibition. Scheduled for November 16-19, 2021, at the Messe Munchen (Munich, Germany), productronica is one of the world’s leading trade fairs for electronics and already offers more than 860 exhibitors for the 2021 event, which is co-located with SEMICON® Europa. Isola, located at Productronica 2021 booth B3.226, will be represented by its European division, Isola GmbH. 

Isola Group formulates a wide range of high-quality circuit materials including laminates and prepreg materials used to construct analog, high-speed digital, and high-frequency RF/microwave/millimeter-wave PCBs for some of the fastest emerging applications, such as battery-charging circuits, automotive electronic modules, and circuits for Fifth Generation (5G) New Radio (NR) cellular wireless communications networks. As important as Isola’s creativity to finding practical circuit material solutions for modern electronic applications is the firm’s dedication to in-house testing of its materials to maintain excellent performance consistency and outstanding long-term reliability for circuits fabricated on those materials, from DC through light and single through multiple layers. 

At Productronica 2021, Isola will display examples of a wide range of its electronic material products for a wide range of markets. Visitors can discuss their requirements at all levels, with both technical and commercial booth personnel, and for applications from commercial through industrial and military circuits. Products on display will include low-loss I-TERA® MT40 laminates and prepreg materials for high-speed-digital circuit applications and I-TERA® MT40 (RF/MW) for high-frequency RF and microwave circuits. For circuit designers faced with many different requirements, visitors to the Isola booth can also learn more about halogen-free TERRAGREEN® laminates and prepregs as well as lead-free-process-compatible FR408HR laminates and prepregs. With dielectric constant (Dk) of 3.72 at 100 MHz and 3.68 at 2 GHz, FR408HR materials are also FR-4 process compatible. They feature excellent thermal properties for high-temperature applications, with a high dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) temperature of +230°C.



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