NCAB Discusses Recent Merger with Elmatica

I-Connect007’s Nolan Johnson catches up with Anders Forsén, chief financial officer at NCAB Group, to get an update on the recently announced acquisition of Elmatica by NCAB. In this audio interview from the NCAB headquarters in Sweden, Anders details how he sees Elmatica and NCAB working together to deliver a stronger solution for customers.

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Audio Transcript:

Nolan Johnson: Hi, Nolan Johnson here for I-Connect007, and I am speaking with Anders Forsén. He is the chief financial officer at NCAB. Anders, welcome.

Anders Forsén: Thank you, Nolan.

Johnson: There’s some news coming out of NCAB. Would you be so kind as to inform us as to what that is?

Forsén: Yes, we have recently done another acquisition. We have made an acquisition of Elmatica PCB in Norway, which is of course is very interesting for us and a good way to grow our business even further.

Johnson: Tell me a little bit about how you see NCAB and Elmatica working together for customers.

Forsén: I think it’s a good fit. First of all, we are all focusing on the high-mix low-volume. We’re focusing on the high-quality PCBs. I think all our customers are demanding customers, so we would like to give them superior service. So in that way it is a good mix. We will add on the new customers to the NCAB family. Elmatica also works a lot within the aerospace defense industry, where we are not so strong. So that will be a good add-on for NCAB.

Johnson: How would you characterize the Elmatica specialty? What do they bring uniquely now to the NCAB mix?

Forsén: I would say they have... It’s an old company. They have been in the market since 1971. They have very many good employees. With very well recognized people with good technical knowledge and so on. So, from that perspective, I’m quite sure that we will get a lot new colleagues, which could give us a lot of good expertise in the PCB field. And as we said before, I also think that they are really aggressive or good in the defense aerospace side, where we are not that good at this moment, so that will give us some added-on.

Johnson: What do you think will be the result of this year or two years out, Anders? From the perspective of the NCAB customer base and also from the Elmatica customer base?

Forsén: Yeah, I think hopefully we will be able to grow after this. I think we will. Using their expertise they have and be able to grow our business. We could hopefully get into more defense aerospace in our other NCAB companies. Also think that we will add on our big factory management team in China and the factory panel that NCAB have to Elmatica’s present customers, meaning that we can up-sale to their customers and we can hopefully get better result to the customers in that way. So, we can have a broader portfolio to sell to the market.

Johnson: Well, this certainly sounds like exciting news for NCAB, and I would think for Elmatica as well.

Forsén: Absolutely. And I think this also has a lot of opportunities for the Elmatica employees to be part of NCAB group. And for sure some of the people in Elmatica will also be able to join new career ways in the NCAB group.

Johnson: Well, fantastic. Is this deal done? Is this completed and signed at this point?

Forsén: Yes, it’s done. It was concluded last week.

Johnson: Fantastic. Well, great. Thanks for taking a moment to fill us in on this news, Anders. I appreciate that. I’m sure the readers do as well.

Forsén: Thanks a lot.

Johnson: Once again, I’m Nolan Johnson. I’ve been speaking with Anders Forsén, the chief financial officer at NCAB. Thanks for listening.




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