Unimicron Holds Sustainability Co-Prosperity Award

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Unimicron implements sustainable supply chain management regularly holds annual supplier meetings and commends excellent suppliers there. Since the Covid-19 epidemic broke out globally in 2020, and with the efforts of all citizens, the domestic epidemic is still under control, but in the face of the epidemic, we must still be cautious. Therefore, the annual meeting of suppliers will still be suspended to reduce the risk of personnel clustering, and instead, information on vendor promotion will be provided online.

Not only do we advocate RBA code of conduct related information, ICT security notes, the original material green requirements, occupational safety, and health requirements, but also for the supply chain management.

Based on the performance of all aspects, the selection team selected the annual high-performing manufacturers and later awarded the Unimicron sustainable co-prosperity award to commend the suppliers for their excellent performance in the CSR field. The winner of this year's gold award is Showa Denko Semiconductor Materials (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. Taoyuan Branch; The silver award is Atotech Taiwan Ltd.



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