Lean Six Sigma Black Belts Awarded to Uyemura

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Five Uyemura associates recently completed Six Sigma Black Belt training. Lean Six Sigma Black Belts have been awarded to Don Gudeczauskas, April Labonte, Chris Carrillo, Jose Garcia and Scott Larson for demonstrating a thorough understanding of the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge and comprehension of Six Sigma philosophies and principles.

Black Belt Certification also reflects an understanding of team leadership and team dynamics, knowledge of lean enterprise concepts, and the skills to quickly identify “non-value-added” activities. The training was conducted by Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Dr. Pat Valentine.

Lean Six Sigma strives to increase process speeds, eliminate wastes, and reduce defects through a problem-solving framework of “DMAIC” – Defining, Measuring, Analyzing, Improving and Controlling processes.


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