Gardien Group Offers Inductance and 4-Wire Kelvin Testing

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Along with 4-Wire Kelvin, available on the G Series Flying Probes, Gardien now offers Inductance Testing/Henry measurement for applications like Coils, Transformers, Heater Circuits and Embedded Coils on their Flying Probe Testers (FPT).

Although standard Electrical Test will provide capture of an open circuit on a primary or secondary of an embedded coil, it cannot determine if the winding has shorted to itself.  Using theories behind 4-Wire Kelvin, which is applied in high resolution measurements, Gardien can now perform accurate inductance measurements of coils, heater traces and other hybrid circuits where inductance measurements are critical.

Rick Meraw, Group VP Quality/ R&D stated, “Building on the technology of 4-Wire Kelvin has given the opportunity to provide Inductance Testing.  This is primarily effective due to the use of 4-Wire Kelvin method to provide the accurate measurement.  Parasitic stray variables are filtered out using the 4-Wires (2 on each measurement probe) which allows for the native Inductive measurement to be captured.”

Rick went on to say, “4-Wire Kelvin Testing has been available for years, but to have the ability to perform both tests on a single machine using our FPX Software platform allows greater options at our Service Centers for our customers and partners to choose from.  It is a positive addition to our portfolio for Services and Equipment purchases alike.”

Gardien has constantly upgraded and added new technologies and most advanced features to its new and existing machines during its long journey in the field. Consistent R&D and the ability to adapt to drastic changes have made Gardien one of the most dynamic names in the PCB industry.

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About Gardien 

Gardien is the world’s largest provider of independent testing and inspection solutions to the PCB industry. With a global footprint in 6 countries & 18 service centers across Asia, Europe and North America, Gardien partners with PCB manufacturers supplying into the automotive, aerospace, medical, defense, computers & telecommunications sectors. We cater to the testing and QA needs of the entire spectrum of fabricators from small family-owned PCB shops to large international corporations.



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