NCAB Group UK Achieves Gold Award for Valuing People

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IIP – Investors In People – has accredited NCAB Group UK with a GOLD Award which recognises the company’s commitment to its staff, training, structure and management.

As one of the UK’s leading PCB suppliers, they have become one of the top 17% of companies who succeed in being accredited GOLD standard by Investors In people after applying.

Ann Harwood – Business Support Director advised that NCAB UK team had been working on the IIP accreditation application since June 2021 said, “Being accredited with the Investors in People award is an excellent achievement. It shows our existing staff, prospective employees, customers and the public, that we are a committed company to leading, managing, motivating, training, improving and outperforming in key business areas. To achieve the GOLD award we were assessed against an IIP framework that reflects the best practices in high performance working in three areas – leading, supporting and improving. It is a very rigorous process and we are delighted to say NCAB passed with flying colours.”

What does this mean for you, the customer? 

Quite simply, reassurance – that NCAB UK is on a journey of continual improvement, focused on aligning our people management with our business goals and ambitions. Ultimately we are committed to drive improved business performance to stay ahead of the curve of ‘what excellent looks like’.

To achieve the award NCAB UK had to demonstrate evidence of how it shows leadership, support and improvement in its company structure, staff and business. It had to prove how work systems are in place that inspire and motivate staff; instil trust and ownership and offer recognition and reward alongside structured working. The way staff are managed and developed and offered continuous improvement was demonstrated as well as the ability to sustain success, respond to change and focus on the future.

NCAB UK’s Business Support Director advised ‘Achieving the Investors In People accreditation is clearly evident that as an employer and a business NCAB UK is proud to be one of those leading the way. We have a UK team that is well-supported and trained, motivated and managed with targets and goals for staff as individuals and when working together as a business. Ensuring staff are valued and encouraged is vital for any successful business’. 

NCAB UK holds the IIP Award until 2024 when it will be re-assessed for its GOLD level accreditation – or further examined if applying for the Platinum Standard.



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