Peters Product Lines Bundled for Ireland, UK Market

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As of 1 January 2022, IPP Ltd in the United Kingdom and IPT in Ireland will take over the responsibility for Peters’ ELPEPCB product range. While the ELPEGUARD and ELPECAST ranges were already marketed by IPP in these countries for some time, they will now act as sole representatives for all Peters lines from the new year on. IPP stands for Industrial Production Processes; this company is based in Bromsgrove south of Birmingham in the county of Worcestershire.

ELPEPCB are patented circuit printing inks that meet highest re-quirements in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. ELPEGUARD® products are conformal coatings developed by Peters for insulating assembled printed circuit boards so that they can meet higher demands in terms of reliability and service life. Finally, ELPECAST® refers to casting compounds - they protect and insulate electronics, sensor technology and lighting electronics from extreme climatic influences and aggressive media.

"There are many advantages to having our entire product range in the Anglo-Saxon region and also in Ireland under one roof," reports Markus Wieler, Global Business Development Manager at Peters. As such, the coatings engineer is responsible for OEM management. This means that he coordinates and supervises the processes with end customers that use Peters products in their finished electronics. In this respect, the UK and Ireland are an exciting field: Peters and IPP have been cooperating for more than ten years in the field of conformal coatings and casting compounds for electronics. "The expansion to include circuit printing inks is therefore logical," says the graduate chemist. Markus Wieler recently met Jack Daly, Managing Director of IPP, at productronica in Munich, the leading trade fair for electronics.

In times of pandemic, when supply chains are not always stable, this can ensure high availability even in product variety. Furthermore, customers of the area in question can benefit from new products and further developments from the Peters laboratory and use top products for themselves. Another advantage is that Peters and IPP are already a well-established team. The employees are qualified and trained, speak the "Peters language", know the value and quality standard of the ink systems and can advise customers accordingly. "They not only know the market and the supply flows, but are also well versed in all legal, regulatory and technical aspects that change quickly and require professional competence," says the Global Business Development Manager.

In the end, says Markus Wieler, the customer benefits from the bundling of distribution flows in the UK and Ireland. As technical distributors for all three Peters product ranges, IPP can place the bouquet of high-tech inks and casting compounds on the islands in the best possible way. The end customer can also rely on the fair price-performance ratio. "He gets the highest quality in all three lines at competitive conditions." Plus all this in time, transparently and unbureaucratically, eliminating tiresome searches on the market and time-consuming price comparisons. 

In general, Peters' quality policy is to offer high-quality products worldwide by following a coherent sales strategy and to maintain a low-threshold approach in B2B. "This applies to China, the USA, Europe and, since Brexit, especially to the Anglo-Saxon region," emphasises Peters Managing Director Ralf Schwartz. After all, the good business relations should not suffer under the Brexit decision, which is incomprehensible from the EU's point of view. Schwartz: "This is in line with our Peters policy: as far as possible, everything from a single source for the client."


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