Hughes Circuits Inc. Expands Capabilities with Excellon HS-1L DS Systems

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Hughes Circuits Inc., based in San Marcos California, expands mechanical drill and routing capabilities with the addition of two Excellon HS-1L DS systems.

Hughes Circuits is San Diego’s largest fully integrated electronics manufacturing service (EMS) company which houses a complete PCB layout service bureau, complete PCB fabrication, full-service PCB assembly facility, and precision metal fabrication facility, all under one management team.

Jeff Hughes vice president of Hughes Circuits explained, “We have always been fans of the Excellon platform, and have been for years!  The products we produce require the utmost in quality and accuracy.  It made sense when deciding add to our capital equipment plan that we upgrade, and get the benefit of familiarity, and ease of use.  These machines are welcome additions to Hughes Circuits Inc.  Looking forward to the rewards the increased capacity will bring.”

Mike Sparidaens, vice president of sales at Excellon mentions, “The dual spindle HS-1L has brought much needed flexibility to drilling and fabrication departments. The HS-1L with both high-speed drill and drill/router spindles, complemented with a CCD Vision system, has been an all-around winner.  Product quality, speed and ease of use with CNC-7 have all been noted, and with such feedback, we know that we’re heading in the right direction with our new systems.  Furthermore, we are pleased that Hughes Circuits Inc. has chosen continued partnership with the Excellon team.”

Excellon is recognized worldwide as a leader in installed PCB Drilling systems with products ranging from single and multiple station mechanical drilling machines to hybrid laser precision via formation and routing systems.


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