Lyncolec Changes Name to EuroTech Special Products

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It’s time for a refresh! New year, new name for Poole-based PCB manufacturer Lyncolec. Now known to its customers and competitors as EuroTech Special Products.

Expertise, technology and excellent customer service is their top priority. Lyncolec was taken over by Exmouth based PCB company Eurotech in 2019 and has now been re-branded as a division of The EuroTech Group plc. This now ensures a smooth process and access to products from both parts of the Group. Pulling resources together to deliver the best products, capabilities and excellent lead times.

Huge investments have been made into EuroTech Special Products Division such as additional capacity and skills in front end engineering, giving more flexibility and capacity particularly for FTA. Field application engineering resources have been increased to facilitate DFM and customer visits.

EuroTech’s Special Products Division specialise in Flex, Flex Rigid and a range of special products. These include high speed laminates, PTFE, polyimide and composite builds.

The site also manufactures sculptured circuits and surface mount interconnects. The Special Products Division has a highly experienced team of people ready to deal with a wide range of non-standard PCBs including DFM input.

There has been a vast improvement in direct imaging and digital manufacturing. The Special Products Division also now has additional capacity and capability for advanced drilling meaning precise drilling and volume capacity increases.

The site is expecting delivery of an all-new laser profiling machine in the first quarter of 2022 meaning even more possibilities. 

According to Managing Director David Douglas the change has been made in order to enhance customer service:

“The new name reflects what the factory is all about – the special products manufacturing arm of EuroTech. It will now be much easier for customers to make use of both parts of the business using a single point of contact. Indeed, many customers are already doing this, the change just makes it a more seamless and efficient operation’.


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