Gardien Group Unveils New Functionality and Software for Embedded Components Test

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Historically the testing of embedded resistors and/or capacitors has been a tedious ordeal. Gardien Group now offers an automated solution on their line of Flying Probe testers using their new FPX software platform.

Once the embedded component values are provided, Gardien’s front end tools will process the data, calculate the resistive totals, also calculating the allowed tolerances, and write the embedded records to the Gardien MNF file. The software is able to calculate complex embedded networks, series, parallel or a combination of all.

If complex resistor or capacitor layers require discreet readings it is required that the individual layers be tested prior to lamination. Once laminated the individual resistors/capacitors cannot be measured, only the Rt or Ct of the networks.

One of the major benefits of the embedded option is that it can be added to the standard electrical test and only one program is required to test the entire requirement.  The embedded test is usually done first to identify any potentially fatal errors prior to committing the Flying Probe to the entire Continuity/Shorts test.  

Gardien has constantly upgraded and added new technologies and the most advanced features to its new and existing machines during its long journey in the field. Consistent R&D and the ability to adapt to drastic changes have made Gardien one of the most dynamic names in the PCB industry.

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