Excellon Installs COBRA-II Hybrid Laser System at TCLAD, Inc.

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Excellon announces the installation of a COBRA-II Hybrid Laser System by TCLAD, Inc. of Prescott, Wisconsin. The Excellon COBRA-II Hybrid Laser System offers both UV and CO2 (IR) laser sources on a single platform. A large work area offers added capability for those companies running high-density prototypes and production PCBs.

Acquiring the Excellon COBRA-II laser adds yet another addition to our lineup of state-of-the-art circuit processing equipment at our Prescott Wisconsin facility. Over the years we have found the accuracy and speed of the Excellon COBRA lasers to be impressive, the new COBRA-II laser is no exception. We are seeing greatly reduced throughput time with excellent tolerance capability. This allowed us to reduce lead times and better meet the demanding dimensional challenges of our customer requirements. (Steve Taylor, Director of Technical Support, Global BDM)

TCLAD Inc., a Polytronics related company, formerly BERGQUIST Thermal Clad Division, Located in Prescott, Wisconsin, since 1997. For over 50 years, Bergquist products have been the world’s most trusted thermal management materials. Multi-award-winning formulations in various mediums provide essential heat dissipation for applications within numerous markets including automotive, consumer, telecom/datacom, power and industrial automation, computing, communication and many others.

Mike Sparidaens, Vice President of Sales, shared his comments: "The enhanced capabilities of the COBRA-II Hybrid Laser System go well beyond that of TCLAD’s older generation COBRA, and will yield premium quality results for their application. The Cobra II can handle the most challenging rigid and flexible circuit board designs. The system is well known worldwide for its reliability and capability. We are excited to have this second system installed at TCLAD’s facility."



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