Denise Koopmans Proposed as New Board Member of Cicor

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At the upcoming Annual General Meeting of Cicor Group on April 12, 2022, there will be personnel changes to the Board of Directors. Andreas Dill and Erich Haefeli will not stand for re-election as members of the Board of Directors after thirteen and seven successful years, respectively. The Board of Directors will propose Denise Koopmans to the shareholders for election.

The two long-time members of the Board of Directors, Andreas Dill and Erich Haefeli, have announced that they will not stand for re-election. Over the past 13 and 7 years, respectively, Andreas Dill and Erich Haefeli have not only strategically aligned the company, but also provided the foundation to become one of the leading electronic manufacturing companies in Europe. With their strong commitment they have been instrumental in transitioning Cicor to a new Board of Directors and to a new anchor shareholder. The Board of Directors thanks both colleagues for their lasting contributions to the development of the company.

The Board of Directors nominates Denise Koopmans as a new member. At the same time, the Board will be reduced from five to four members. Denise Koopmans brings extensive operational experience on an executive level from managing organic and transformational development of global B2B businesses. Since 2015, she has been a non-executive director of companies dealing with (digital) business transformation, innovation and reinvention of business models. She supports companies with their new growth and scaling B2B businesses across new markets and geographies.

Denise Koopmans is non-executive director of Swiss Post in Switzerland, Sanoma (learning & consumer media) listed in Finland, and supervisory board member of Royal BAM Group (construction), listed in the Netherlands. Until 2015, Denise Koopmans was Managing Director of the Legal & Regulatory Division at Wolters Kluwer, and Director of the Wolters Kluwer global business line for workflow solutions. At Wolters Kluwer she led the digital transformation of the division, driving revenue growth through new software based product innovations. Before joining Wolters Kluwer, Denise Koopmans was CEO of LexisNexis Intelligence Solutions (RELX group), a global business intelligence and analytics solutions company headquartered in Paris. Denise Koopmans graduated from the University of Rotterdam (LL.M), Harvard Business School (AMP), and Insead (IDP-C).


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