IEC Announces Exclusive North American Representation Agreement With ASS-Luippold

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Automated Systems Service (ASS-Luippold) have come together with IEC in order to provide North America with best-in-class automation machines to help with the manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards. These include DI/LDI/AOI robotic systems, vertical electroplating robotics, load/unloader stations, and more.

Shawn Stone, President of IEC, commented on the partnership, “ASS-Luippold’s ability to design, develop, and manufacture automation solutions for PCB production lines will help our customers streamline their processes and enhance their productivity and quality.”

IEC’s goal is to introduce to our customers world class manufacturers like ASS-Luippold who proffer state of the art equipment and products, exemplary salesmanship, and customer service professionalism, matched only by our own ability to provide the same with ongoing excellence.

Michael Luippold commented, “We were impressed with the knowledge and customer relationships IEC has earned in the North American PCB market. Together with IEC our long-standing expertise in servicing industry requirements, along with our comprehensive equipment portfolio in Automation, Logistic, Industry 4.0, and Special Process technology solutions can provide new, creative, and professional supported technologies to the North American PCB industry.”

About IEC – IEC is the longest serving distributor of consumables, equipment, and services in the North American printed circuit board industry for over 50 years. IEC has established themselves as a dependable, responsive organization with locations in Toronto, Canada, Santa Clara, CA, Chicago, IL, and Norristown, PA.

About ASS-Luippold: For over 20 years ASS-Luippold has been one of the most respected PCB technology providers in Europe. Specializing in Automation, Internal Logistics, and various Process Technology solutions ASS-Luippold has proven its capability to connect leading equipment expertise with new Industry 4.0 requirements, including fully integrated product tracking and quality assurance solutions.  Additional information can be found here:


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