LPKF at SMTconnect in Nürnberg: Improved PCB Manufacturing

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At the SMTconnect from May 10 to 12, 2022, LPKF Laser & Electronics will be showcasing its latest laser systems: as standalone systems, with a new automation cell in the IZM production line and a solution for wafer stencils.

LPKF has been taking part in SMTconnect in Nuremberg for more than 20 years. Alexander Abeln and his team are looking forward to the direct contact with customers: “With our practical demonstrations we will be showing how LPKF solutions speed up production processes while improving quality.” In 2022, stencil lasers and laser depaneling will take center-stage. Over the last two years, LPKF, which has its headquarters in Garbsen, Germany, has continued to improve its proven systems. The company will present its innovations with live production demonstrations at several exhibition stands.

LPKF is bringing a broad range of systems to Nuremberg. At stand 230 in Hall 4A, visitors can see the LPKF CuttingMaster 2240 in action and can experience laser depaneling directly on site. The CuttingMaster 2240 is fitted with a universal table solution, for maximum flexibility and inexpensive workpiece holders. Thanks to the patented ‘Tensor’ technology, this laser system proves that it is possible to combine greater performance and quality improvements in one unit. The LPKF Cutting-Master 2240 reduces cycle times by almost half compared with predecessor models. At the same time, the durable laser source cuts operating costs.

In the ‘Future Packaging’ production line in Hall 5, Stand 434, the benefits of an automation solution are demonstrated, as the LPKF LoadingMaster automatically loads a LPKF CuttingMaster 2000. Both systems integrate seamlessly into the fully automated production line and together offer a high-performance solution for laser depaneling. Integrated interfaces and modular components mean the system can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. The included system software helps with the setup and adaptation of handling processes. It can create a digital twin of processes even with the machine offline.

A third stand is also well worth a visit. At Stand 407 in Hall 4A, the LPKF MicroCut 6080 with wafer cut option shows what it is capable of, namely the high-precision cutting of tiny apertures. This system is ideal for stencils with small apertures and high packing densities, for example for the production of wafer stencils. The newly developed LPKF StencilPro software and wafer cut option reduce the setup effort while increasing geometric accuracy compared with the standard system.

“We have been really productive over the last two years, and the results speak for themselves. We will be demonstrating this to you live at the SMTconnect,” says Alexander Abeln, inviting interested parties from the PCB and SMT production segment to visit the LPKF stands at Exhibi-tion Center Nuremberg.


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