Technica USA Presents WonderWise Atmospheric Plasma Equipment at Their Demo and Training Center

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Technica USA, in cooperation with Wise s.r.l. Parma, Italy, hosted Demo Week at Technica’s San Jose, CA Demo & Training Center during the week of May 9, 2022.


Several customers from the printed circuit board fabrication and chemical milling industries pre-scheduled their attendance for this event. Local customers hand carried copper clad materials with a variety of copper surfaces, outer layer panels and an assortment of metal substrates to clean, activate and coat with dry film. Customers outside the area interested in the technology shipped samples to Technica to have treated, coated and returned to their operation for processing. 

WonderWise is a double sided-atmospheric plasma system designed to activate substrates before dry film lamination. The equipment was introduced at the 2022 IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego, CA by Wise and Technica. The product offers customers many advantages over the more traditional methods of cleaning substrates such as avoiding the use of costly chemicals or mechanical cleaning steps as well as the opportunity to reduce utility, water, and waste disposal costs. The equipment is also ideal for activating copper foils used for high-speed applications prior to dry film without removing copper or changing the grain structure of these foils. It easily integrates into existing production lines and alternatively can be installed in yellow rooms.

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Besides using the WonderWise equipment, Simco-Ion/Teknek contributed the robust CM81 Sheet Cleaner for the demonstration. A Dynachem Manual Laminator model ML3124 was used for coating the dry film. Technica would also like to express gratitude to everyone involved in making this a successful event, including Dave Graesser of ESC, LLC for his assistance in installing the laminator.

If you would like to learn more about WonderWise equipment, please contact Jason Perry, Director of Sales, at or Massimo Passerini, Wise s.r.l. at

About Technica, USA

Technica, USA provides the highest quality equipment and process materials, manufactured worldwide, for the printed circuit board fabrication, chemical milling and PCB assembly markets. For more information on Technica, USA, please visit our website at


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