ILFA Commits to LHMT/Schmoll Machine Group for Automation Strategy

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In the course of its modernisation offensive, the Hanover-based (Germany) PCB manufacturer ILFA relies on the experience of the Schmoll Machine Group. From June 2022, the first 16 LHMT handling devices of the type RobiFlex 2x1 will be delivered and successively integrated into production. This will automate a large number of activities that were previously carried out manually. ILFA is currently investing massively in machinery, equipment and personnel, with automation being an essential part of the modernisation offensive.

Thomas Michels, managing director of ILFA GmbH, explains: "We have been relying on Schmoll for a large number of our machines for years. We have numerous laser systems, drilling and milling machines in use, which implement our production steps in a highly reliable and precise manner. So it was only logical for us to rely on Schmoll again. The LHMT RobiFLex 2x1 systems from the Schmoll machine group, with their equipment variants, correspond exactly to our requirements profile and will be seamlessly integrated into our production. On the one hand, this will increase our output and, on the other hand, we will gain more process reliability, as a large number of manual activities will be eliminated in the future. It was also important for us to have a domestic partner with excellent service and product quality at our side."

Martin Hillenbrand, Managing Director at LHMT GmbH, adds: "We are pleased to be able to set up a customised concept for ILFA to automate their processes. After a detailed analysis of the requirements at the production site in Hanover, we have put together a package with which ILFA GmbH can sustainably fulfil its growth targets." Stefan Kunz, Managing Director of Schmoll Maschinen GmbH, is also pleased about the clear commitment to the local economy: "We have been working with ILFA for many years and know their requirements quite well by now. For the consistent growth course, we supply the appropriate solutions and machines and advise on the further development of the technical infrastructure. It is important that European PCB producers prepare themselves for the challenges of tomorrow in order to remain competitive in the long term."

The modernisation offensive at ILFA is planned over several years and provides for investments in the double-digit million range.


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