Ucamco Adds In-house Production of Large and Extra Large 'Bird of Prey' Photoplotters

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Ucamco has added the in-house production, from scratch, of new large and extra-large format laser photoplotters to its capabilities. 

As the market leader in not only photoplotters, but also PCB CAM and Pre-CAM Software and Direct Imaging Systems, Ucamco is committed to keep developing PCB technology. Even more, Ucamco invests in it: "Ucamco is an expert in the field. We love to take on challenges", says Michel Van den heuvel, Product Imaging Group Director at Ucamco. "We figured we have all the human and material resources in-house to successfully build large and extra-large photoplotters. Add that to the ever-growing importance of providing full-service solutions for our customers, and the addition of this production line has really been a no-brainer.


"Our (extra) large format photoplotters are external drum laser plotters with an automatic film loader and online connection to the film processor. One of the main qualities of an excellent photoplotter is having a state-of-the-art optical-mechanical imaging unit." 

"You could argue that our plotters possess the same sharp eyesight as birds of prey. Which is why we have named our brand new machines after birds with the larges wingspan - Hawk and Condor - obviously due to the size of the photoplotters." 


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