Equipment Technologies Inc Acquired by Redfern Companies

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Hudson, NH-based Equipment Technologies, Inc. (ETI) announces it will be acquired by The Redfern Companies. ETI specializes in selling and installing new equipment and offering maintenance services to the circuit board industry worldwide. ETI product and service offerings will be supported by Insulectro, the largest distributor of materials and services for PCB manufacturers in North America.

“ETI looks forward to taking this next step with Insulectro,” commented Jon Pelletier, ETI President. “In bringing UCE’s new equipment lines and our highly skilled technicians and pairing them with the Redfern Companies’ extensive portfolio of resources; we expect an unprecedented opportunity for growth and expansion. I feel this is a great opportunity for both ETI and our customers. I look forward to personally continuing with the new company and helping to grow and provide cutting edge solutions to our industry.”

Speaking on behalf of the Redfern Companies, Patrick Redfern commented, “Effective August 1, 2022, we will acquire the company ETI to augment our current offering of equipment sales and service. This is a big step toward supporting our customers as they automate their manufacturing process. Inclusive with ETI, Insulectro will be able to offer ‘connected factory’ solutions by bringing our world-class materials, and cutting-edge equipment along with our custom process control systems (provided by our Focus Tech chemical company) for every process in the fabrication facility. 

“I am excited to welcome the ETI team to our family. Jon, who will remain President, has 30 plus years of equipment experience and strong relationships in the industry worldwide” continued Redfern. “ETI will relocate to our Londonderry, NH, facility to better leverage our resources and provide a base for the introduction of new equipment from Universal Circuit Board Equipment Co., Ltd. (UCE) which is a higher-end equipment manufacturer selling a variety of PCB manufacturing equipment, especially in the wet process area.

“We plan to combine our game-changing InduBond® induction press offering with new offerings from UCE to expand dramatically into the new equipment sales market.  Combining ETI’s connections and experience with our nationwide presence and reputation in the industry, we look forward to engaging our customers in new ways.”

Redfern concluded, “Another step to enable our customers to build better boards, faster.”


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