Artnet Pro Acquires CAD/Art Services

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Meir Polack, president and co-founder of Artnet Pro, has announced the acquisition of CAD/ART Services, Inc., to expand all their engineering, photo plotting, photo mask, and editing capabilities.

“As we continue to expand and increase our technology capabilities in North American this acquisition represents a major step in achieving our goal of being the number one service center in North America,” Polack says. “Our laser photo plotting, scanning, and engineering services including PCB design, reverse engineering, and the sales and service of Orbotech/Camtek equipment combined with CAD/ART photo plotting, photomask and editing services will allow us to meet our customers’ needs both today and in the future. We are very pleased to welcome the CAD/ART team to the “Artnet Pro family.”

Ralph Martino, president of CAD/Art Services, says, "It is both a sad and happy time. For the past 30 years, we have always tried our best to provide outstanding service and a quality product to our clients. I want to personally thank each one of our clients. Without your support, we wouldn't be where we're at today. I have known the new owners, Meir Polack and Roni Hod, basically from the beginning. I know they will be happy and appreciative to continue servicing you and will do an outstanding job.”

He continues, “We are working very hard to make this transition seamless. Just continue to send your jobs as you are now, no changes there. We are looking forward to continuing and supporting you for the future, and keep providing you with the best quality services, as we have been doing for more than 30 years.”

Additionally, Mel Guzman, CAD/Art former employee, joins the Artnet team to primarily handle all former CAD/Art customers job requests.


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