Unimicron’s HJ Factory of Neighborly Sweeping Streets

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Enterprises implement ESG policies, implement green environmental protection, environmental protection, and corporate governance to comply with laws and regulations. Unimicron is committed to achieving a balance between corporate development and natural environmental protection. In order to specifically realize the concept of "Caring for the earth", the HJ plant initiated environmental and ecological protection activities and actively became a member of the protection of the earth.

In this neighbor’s street sweeping activity, we plan 2 street sweeping routes and a total of 8 times that were planned in the vicinity of the HJ factory. Through the participation of colleagues from HJ factory and the ADM department, the streets in the neighborhood were cleaned up. Start from ourselves, hoping to bring more positive social influence, and drive nearby businesses and residents to attach importance to environmental cleanliness, and improve the company's good image.

Based on the concept of taking from society and giving back to society, Unimicron will continue to promote the activities of giving back to our community and create a good living environment for local residents.


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