IPC Symposium Puts Spotlight on IC Substrate and Package Assembly

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The electronics industry is in the early stages of a new era, with unprecedented change already in motion. In this era of ‘Heterogeneous Integration’ led by massive changes in semiconductor and advanced packaging sectors, the days of following Moore’s Law are over. Chiplet-based design architectures incorporating heterogeneous integration packaging methods will enable next-generation electronic systems and applications. These fundamental changes in the semiconductor sector have significant impact throughout the rest of the electronics supply chain. As lines blur between IC-Substrate and HDI printed circuit board technologies and capabilities, the lines between OSAT and EMS manufactures also blur.

In line with this, the IPC Advanced Packaging Symposium, with the theme “Building the IC-Substrate and Package Assembly Ecosystem”, is designed for executives, government, and industry leaders to discuss opportunities and challenges for next-generation advanced packaging production. The discussion will move past the hype to identify key business and technology issues with near- and longer-term solutions, and will cover public policy updates, commercial and defense electronics technology drivers, and current business environment for IC substrates and component assembly and test manufacturing.

The two-day event is dedicated to in-depth discussions on strengthening the IC substrate and package assembly ecosystem in North America and Europe. The intent of the symposium is to bring commercial and defense, electronic industry leaders, together to:

  • Focus on highest priority needs for IC-Substrates and Advanced Packaging spanning the next 3-10 years;
  • Identify key challenges to overcome that enable sustainable businesses over the long run;
  • Move beyond general issue awareness and focus on ‘punching through’ into actionable research, development, design, materials, manufacturing, and business operations execution needs/projects; and,
  • Enable attendees to walk away with actionable next steps and an expanded network for continued development efforts.

Speakers will span the advanced packaging ecosystem and semiconductor supply chain: component makers, HDI PCB fabricators, IC substrate fabricators, assembly and test manufacturers, equipment, and material suppliers. Four featured keynote presentations will include senior leaders at Intel Corp., US Department of Defense, SRC Semiconductor Research Corp., and TechSearch International.

With 28 speakers and eight sessions, the agenda will also include the latest insights from speakers representing the US Department of Commerce, the European Commission, Intel, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Schweizer Electronic, SEMCO, SkyWater, TTM, Western Digital, and others. 

For more information and to register, click here.


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