ICAPE Group Appoints Christelle Bonnevie Deputy Chief Executive Officer CIPEM, Chief Industrial Officer

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ICAPE Group, a global technology distributor of printed circuit boards, announces the appointment of Ms. Christelle Bonnevie as Chief Industrial Officer (CIO).

ICAPE Group continues to implement its global expansion strategy with the appointment of Christelle Bonnevie as Deputy Chief Executive Officer alongside Cyril Calvignac, CEO of the group. Until now Executive Vice-President of CIPEM, the division specialized in the supply of technical parts on plan, Mrs Bonnevie will be in charge of optimizing the performance of the ICAPE Trax production plant in South Africa, owned by ICAPE Group since 2021 and will continue to lead CIPEM activities.

After more than ten years spent within Alstom, in positions of responsibility in the supply chain, Christelle Bonnevie became Plant and Production Manager for Elvia PCB Group in 2008. She joined ICAPE Group in 2015, took the management of CIPEM in 2016, and that of Divsys France in 2021.

Christelle Bonnevie, CIO of ICAPE Group, stated: "For ICAPE Group, the acquisition of a first production plant was a real challenge. The success of this project is due to an incredible team work and the application of ICAPE Group strategy. The confirmation of these good results shows us the direction to follow for the years to come and I am proud to have the confidence of ICAPE Group to lead this industrial performance optimization project. It is an exciting subject which involves many aspects such as the security of our supply chain, the technical support, the quality but also the human, social and environmental responsibility side."

Cyril Calvignac, CEO of ICAPE Group added : "During the past year, we have successfully integrated ICAPE Trax, our production plant located in South Africa. In order to pursue this strategy, the appointment of Christelle Bonnevie will allow us to structure and optimize our production force for the profitable growth of the group.”


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