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Even as HDI finally moves into the mainstream, UHDI is following right behind. In this issue, we launch the conversation into the strategic value of UHDI technology on the future of the PCB industry. Join us as we pull out the microscope and peer down into the UHDI niche in the marketplace and move the discussion forward.

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Technical Conference—Balancing Conventional and Disruptive Technologies

04/08/2021 | Matt Kelly, IPC
I thought the three keynotes given by IPC President and CEO John Mitchell, Industry Week Editor-in-Chief Travis Hessman, and IPC Chief Economist Shawn DuBravac, were spot on. They all spoke to the fact that the way products are conceived, designed, manufactured, and used is changing rapidly. While the keynotes had different focus areas, I noted an important similarity—they all underscored the need for increased industry collaboration to help bring the factory and supply chain of the future to life.

Launch Letters: Exceptional Service—Extra Toppings without Sacrifice

06/15/2016 | Barry Lee Cohen
Exceptional service is often recognized by not being recognized. Exceptional—not good— service is demonstrated by actions that are assumed and relied upon by the customer to be the norm. Exceptional service is providing the extraordinary and value-added without being asked. For companies that break this trust, being “recognized” may very well result in disenfranchised customers and lost business.

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