IEC Announces Sale of Automated Flying Test Probe Equipment from atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH to Siber Circuits

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Siber Circuits Inc., of Markham, Ontario, has come together with IEC and atg Luther & Maelzer for the install of a brand new A7a Flying Test Probe machine. Siber Circuits specializes in prototype and fast turnaround, and the A7a is more than capable of delivering on those promises.

Simon Etherington, President of Siber Circuits, commented on the purchase, “The A7a is a necessary purchase in an industry like printed circuit boards. With the difficulty of hiring new employees across many industries, automation of key processes is the way forward for both quality and speed of delivery to our customers.”

The A7a tester comes equipped with 8 test heads, shuttle system, and slip sheet handling capabilities for multiple sizes of circuit panels. With high speed direct linear drives, 4 high-resolution color cameras, and fully automatic, Lights-out Operation, the A7a showcases the power of automation.


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