The Five Most-read Design007 Articles of 2022

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Each December, we like to look back at the most popular articles of the past 12 months. You never know which article is going to blow up like a Blake Shelton album. 

So, put on your ugliest holiday sweater and prop up that iPad. For your holiday enjoyment, here’s a blast from the past: the top five most-read Design007 articles of 2022. 

Ventec’s Book on Thermal Management: The Summer Sequel You’ve Been Waiting For
The I-Connect007 eBooks have been moving like hotcakes, and Ventec’s 2022 offering got a lot of eyeballs on the page. Co-written by Ventec’s Didier Mauve and Robert Art, The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to… Thermal Management with Insulated Metal Substrate, Volume 2 was the second in the series, and PCB designers snapped it up. This article about the book launch was the most-read Design007 article of the year.

High-Voltage Circuit Design Guidelines and Materials
More of our readers seem to be entering the high-voltage arena lately, and this article by Celso Faia and Davi Correia of Cadence Design Systems rode a voltage spike into our top five. As they point out, a lot of high-voltage issues can be precluded early in the design cycle—if you know what you’re doing. Check it out.

Flexible Hybrid Electronics Design: Reducing Time to Market
Flex and rigid-flex design has been a hot topic for a few years, and Sean Nachnani’s article on flexible hybrid design flexed its biceps all the way into our five most-read items. NextFlex is leading much of the research in this space, and they’ve published a variety of articles this year. As we’ve seen, many of our readers are being forced into flex for one reason or another, and flex hybrids are making inroads into this segment now. 

Kris Moyer Discusses New IPC Role
There’s an old saying in business-to-business publishing: People like reading about other people, and it shows. Our interview with IPC design instructor Kris Moyer was the most popular PCB design interview of 2022. More young people are entering this segment, and designers and design engineers are yearning for cutting-edge design education. 

Altium Focusing on Educating Designers of Today and Tomorrow
Altium has been working with the educational community for years, providing EDA software to universities and holding educational events such as AltiumLive and Altium Education. This interview with Altium VP of Education Rea Callender and consultant Zach Peterson shot up into our most-read earlier this year. Education may be the hottest of the hot topics in PCB design now.




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Filbert Arzola of Raytheon Intelligence & Space taught a Professional Development course at IPC APEX EXPO on general design practices. During a break, Filbert spoke with Kelly Dack about some of today’s design strategies and how designers are reacting to them. What matters most?

True Experts Can Cite Their Sources

03/23/2023 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
We’ve heard a lot lately about the need to identify tribal knowledge within our organizations. How do you know whether an “expert” is sharing documented knowledge or it’s just something they learned at their first job during the Carter administration? We asked IPC design instructor Kris Moyer to explain his process for separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, in design knowledge. As he points out, a true expert will not be afraid to cite the sources and data sets behind their arguments.

Are You Offering Options in Your Bill of Materials?

03/07/2023 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
In this interview, Saline Lectronics (an Emerald EMS company) President Jason Sciberras talks about PCB designers offering packaging options in the bill of materials. As Jason explains, mil/aero manufacturers like Saline can’t make many changes to a design without getting recertified, so including approved packaging options in the BOM from the start is a great way to go. Are you offering options in your BOM?

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