Introducing CONFIDEE, The Compliant Partner in the Printed Circuit Industry

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CONFIDEE formally announced their entrance to the printed circuit industry. The company, known under “Watch us launch” since mid-November, has already gathered a highly experienced team of 11 colleagues, Vidar Olsen is appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Raymond Goh is Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Robert Kurti is Chief Information Officer (CIO).

“Our entrance to the market will be a game changer in the industry, specifically in relation to handling compliance data”, says CEO Vidar Olsen.

OSLO (January 02, 2023)

After decades in the industry of printed circuits, the team behind CONFIDEE realized there was a niche and void in the printed circuit market, namely developing, documenting and proving Compliance in the supply chain.

“We have found our niche in the market; compliance and we have gathered some of the best and most experienced people in the industry. To be able to handle compliance data correctly, you practically need to begin from scratch to understand the demand and requirements of institutions, governments, manufacturers, and customers in order to build an IT system, literally code by code. “This is what we have done, are doing, and will continue to do, as compliance is constantly evolving”, says Vidar Olsen.

Finally launching the “baby” 

“It is with great pleasure and excitement we finally announce the name, the team and the strategy. It has been some exciting weeks launching our new “baby”, doing all from talking to customers, ordering pens and performing in various “undercover launch videos”, says Olsen. 

CONFIDEE is a printed circuit partner delivering PCB to the world's most advanced technologies, creating a compliant supply chain, which will be accessible online for all partners. The company's headquarter is located in Oslo, with local sales offices, and is, as of January 2023, consisting of 11 extremely motivated colleagues, with an average of more than 20 years' experience in the printed circuit industry.

Asle Høibybråten is appointed Operations Manager, Anders Evensen is Compliance Manager, Torger Edland is Sales Manager Norway, Michel Buia is Sales Manager France, Janne Persson is Sales Manager Sweden, Torben Hajslund is Sales Manager Denmark, Guro Krossen is Communications Manager and Feti Jashari is Senior Software Engineer.  

A game changer in the industry 

“A company's value is not its size, but its knowledge and experience. We are a dedicated team, ready to challenge the industry with our perspectives and methodology, always with transparency and a personal way of doing business. We are honored to already have many customers and partners reaching out to us. Our entrance to the market will be a game changer in the industry”, says Olsen. 

CONFIDEE´s unparalleled knowledge of compliance requirements, experience with printed circuits (dating decades back), paired with their commitment to simplify and automate compliance processes, with a proprietary developed IT system, is unique to the industry. 

“Changing the industry can only be done by those who understand what the industry really lacks. Valuable solutions can only be provided when you care about the entire supply chain and understand that a digital system is more than efficiency and cost cutting. By designing the most complex and advanced proprietary IT platform in the industry, able to handle and document the most complex compliance regulations, securing the supply chain, and protecting our customers' data, we will take PCB compliance to the next level. We might not heal the world, but we will make the handling of compliance related PCB data better”, says COO Raymond Goh. 


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