Registration Now Open for EIPC Winter Conference Lyon, France

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Join the EIPC Winter Conference which is to be held over two days, 9-10 February 2023, the first in the famous Groupama Football Stadium in Lyon, wherein The Kopster Hotel Lyon Groupama Stadium will be our overnight stay venue; the second will be at the Bugey Nuclear Power Plant. In the evening of the first day we shall be dining, rather well, downtown Lyon centre. 

The conference will have papers from Custer Consulting, EnergyVille, Ericsson, LiloTree, Trackwise, DP Patterning, Doosan, KLA, ASS Luippold, Dyconex, Suss MicroTec, RESONAC, NanYa and others. We will also be having a Round table for environmental matters e.g. REACH SVHC solder mask restrictions, involving companies such as Agfa, Electra Polymers, Notion Systems, SUSS MicroTec, Taiyo and Parachem.


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