Victory for AT&S at 'Austria’s Leading Companies'

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As a reward for a remarkable business performance in turbulent times, AT&S has received the ALC Award in the “Value Increase” category. AT&S CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer and VP Corporate Communications Gerald Reischl were live on stage at the event in Vienna’s Marx Halle on behalf of all employees to collect the award, which is presented for excellent work and the resulting economic performance over several years.

“We are particularly pleased to be the listed company whose value has developed the best in recent years. It is also a confirmation of the continuously excellent work of the entire AT&S team. Our shareholders know that they are investing in a company whose technology, which is essential for digitization, is steadily gaining in importance on the global market,” says CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer.

The ALC winners are not chosen by a jury, but judged on their performance. The most recent three annual financial statements are used for analysis and assessment. AT&S was able to convince with excellent value growth during the pandemic years, and can now count itself among the select circle of Austria’s Leading Companies for at least one year.


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