Gardien Group Introduces WAXCO Handling Equipment

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Gardien Group is pleased to announce the partnership with WAXCO and their line of handling equipment. As internal processes mature, the final step is automation. WAXCO provides a wide range of solutions to capture your handling requirements. 

Rick Meraw, Gardien Group President commented, “Automated handling is the logical progression of process stability and repeatability. Handling is one of the highest pareto markers for product defects. Automation reduces the risk of damage associated with handling. We at Gardien are very pleased with our new partnership.” 

Waxo 2 Handling Equipment.jpgGardien Group provides independent testing and inspection solutions to the PCB industry. In partnership with Taiwan and Japan, Gardien Group has service centers in North America and Europe, Gardien partners with PCB manufacturers supplying the automotive, aerospace, medical, defense, computers & telecommunications sectors. We cater to the testing and QA needs of the entire spectrum of fabricators from small family-owned PCB shops to large international corporations. 

Since 2016, Gardien is a distributor for Kamia Test and Image Products worldwide offering exceptional Electrical Test and Optical Inspection (AOI, AVI) solutions including combo systems that test and inspection in one process step.


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