TTM Technologies Announces Consolidation of Manufacturing Footprint

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TTM Technologies, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of technology solutions including engineered systems, radio frequency (RF) components and RF microwave/microelectronic assemblies and printed circuit boards (PCBs), announced that it plans to close three manufacturing facilities in order to improve total plant utilization, operational performance, customer focus and profitability.

TTM intends to close PCB manufacturing operations in Anaheim and Santa Clara, California, and Hong Kong and to consolidate the business from these impacted sites into TTM’s remaining facilities. The plant closures are expected to improve both facility and talent utilization across our footprint resulting in improved profitability. TTM expects to continue to support impacted customers at its remaining manufacturing sites.

“Although demand for our Aerospace & Defense business remains very strong, current macro-economic conditions are causing a softening of demand for our commercial business. This has necessitated the need for us to streamline our manufacturing operations,” said Tom Edman, President and CEO of TTM Technologies. “We expect the action plans that we are announcing today will allow us to better serve our customers with more focused operations as well as a lower cost structure. We will be working with our customers to transfer their business to other facilities in our footprint,” continued Mr. Edman. 

“These are extremely difficult decisions, and we realize these actions will likely have a significant impact on the lives of our dedicated employees at the Anaheim, Santa Clara, and Hong Kong locations. We will work with our employees to assist them through this transition,” concluded Mr. Edman. 

TTM expects to close these three sites over the course of this year and, where appropriate, transfer employees to other facilities nearby. For those employees who do not transfer, TTM plans to offer long notice periods, severance compensation, and extended medical coverage. The company expects a total reduction of approximately 750 employees, which is approximately 5% of the global workforce in conjunction with the consolidation and resulting plant closures. 

The company expects to record between $22 and $28 million in separation, asset impairment and disposal costs related to this restructuring, primarily between now and the end of 2023. Approximately 80% of these costs are expected to be in the form of cash expenditures and the rest in the form of non-cash charges. Today’s actions are expected to yield an annual operating profit increase of approximately $22 to $27 million after the facilities are closed and the transferred business is fully assimilated within our remaining footprint.


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