American Standard Circuits Installs 2 New Circuit Tech Lines

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West Chicago PCB fabricator American Standard Circuits has recently purchased and installed two new lines from Circuit Tech International: The etch/strip cupric line for inner layers and the strip/etch/strip ammoniacal line for outer layers after pattern plating.

ASC President and CEO Anaya Vardya commented about the company’s investment in these 2 lines, “We are now commonly dealing with thin core materials down to 1 mil so handling is critical. We are also building boards where we need etching resolution below 0.002” lines and spaces which requires us to have equipment that can handle these parameters and evolve with us for the future. After a thorough evaluation of what was available on the market today, we decided that the Circuit Tech lines were best suited to fit all our needs.”

For more information about ASC visit them on the web at and be sure to check out I-007eBooks to download your copies of American Standard Circuits’ micro eBooks today:
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