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Companies can deliver stunning ads and effective marketing plans that create strong emotional reactions. But your personal experience creates a long-lasting impression. It comes down to customer service.

We all have customer service stories on both sides of the equation, haven’t we? In Nolan Johnson’s column this month, he tells the tale of an amazing customer service experience that involves, against all odds, being reunited with his passport in Shanghai, China. Unfortunately, it always seems our bad experiences often outweigh the good.

It’s easy to think we’ve got customer service mastered, but do we really? Customer service is equal parts science, art, and inspiration. We can engineer it, define it in policy, but in the end, it’s our attitude, our empathy, that makes all the difference. In this issue of PCB007 Magazine, we bring you a wide range of stories that show customer service for what it is: an achievable goal.

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