MKS’ Atotech to Participate in ECTC

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At this year’s IEEE 73rd Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), MKS Atotech will be presenting and demonstrating its latest product and service innovations. The global high-end packaging conference is organized by the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society in Orlando, Florida, and takes place at the Grande Lakes Resort from May 30 – June 2, 2023.

This year the MKS Atotech team is represented by a select group of industry and technology experts from across various business sectors and can be found at booth 425. Aside from showcasing the newest products and upcoming innovations, MKS Atotech additionally has two technical paper presentations scheduled for the ECTC.

Roger Massey, Technical Marketing Manager Electronics, will introduce a method to evaluate crystallinity in plated micro vias and how it can be used as an indication of their reliability. Ralf Schmidt, Manager of R&D Semiconductor, will present the group’s latest findings on optimized copper-to-copper bond formation based on a suitable, metastable copper microstructure with an emphasis on compatibility with typical hybrid bonding process flows. 

“A Predictive Metallographic Means to Identify the Relative Risk of Failure for Plated Micro Vias” by Roger Massey.
Date: Wednesday, May 31
Time: 4:45 p.m.  (Session 8 Novel Reliability Test Methods)

“Optimization of the Cu Microstructure to Improve Cu-to-Cu Direct Bonding for 3D Integration” by Ralf Schmidt.
Date: Thursday, June 1
Time: 2:30 p.m.  (Session 40: Interactive Presentations 4)

As a one-stop-shop and key partner for industries, MKS is driving Interconnect Optimization, thus creating significant market opportunities for MKS customers and the industry.

The Optimize the InterconnectSM offer focuses on providing next-generation advanced PCB and package substrate solutions for customers and partners. We are also committed to enabling increasingly smaller feature sizes and offering new solutions by combining ESI laser drilling technologies with our chemistry and plating equipment.

MKS has recently launched new opportunities in the production of next-generation package substrates. The offer includes a unique combination of MKS dedicated lasers, optics, and motion systems for precise, high speed via formation in ABF build-up laminate, in combination with the latest process chemistry and equipment for desmear and electroless copper metallization. Using the latest Equalized Curtain Flow (ECF) plating tool, MKS can support customers in their yield optimization and next-generation process development for advanced packaging applications.

  • Geode - A New laser system for high precision and high-speed ABF build-up laminate processing
  • G-Plate - New vertical desmear and electroless HVM plating tool for next-generation high-end package substrate

MKS is highly committed to driving next-level technological developments within its industries and key installations. The goal: accelerating time to market through combined capabilities, that allow us to view problems holistically and design solutions faster. This helps us to drive innovation for advanced electronic devices and offer customers and OEMs quicker development cycles for new products and materials enabling high-end SAP technology requiring <=5/5 um lines and spaces. We can shorten the typical ABF substrate product analysis cycle that normally takes 3 months or more to under just a month. We also provide the industry with a full stack of MKS combined services.

Conference: Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC)
Date: May 30, to June 2, 2023
Booth: #425
Venue: The Grande Lakes Resort, Orlando, Florida


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