R&D Circuits Acquires Anestel Corporation

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James V. Russell, President of R&D Circuits and Darren Young, CEO of Anestel, announce the merger of Anestel Corporation by R&D Circuits. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

"Why a merger? We saw two companies with adjacent products and similar manufacturing processes addressing the same market in high performance and fine pitch test applications," said Young.

"Anestel's technologies play an important role in the continued growth of R&D Circuits with their ConnectFlex(TM) brand interposers," states Russell. "They are a perfect complement to our board to board interconnect needs."

This merger will have minimal impact on existing customers and allows for continuity in critical customer service and engineering personnel. R&D Circuits expertise in PWB manufacturing will ensure the product continuity remains as well.

"Some of the benefits we expect our customers to realize are in the increased capacity in manufacturing, as well as the fact the R&D facility is ISO9000 certified," continues Young. "This will also be a gain to our customers by lowering our lead-times."

"Product continuity is our main focus at the outset and we are excited about this merger being a comprehensive solution for all our customers," said Russell. "We are energized about integrating sockets and test boards to create a reduced test cost and time to market, while increasing overall test performance."

Some additional benefits of the merger include added sales and technical support for both companies customers, including sales and applications offices with locations in South Plainfield, New Jersey, Meridian, Idaho, Phoenix, Arizona and Singapore.

About R&D Circuits, Inc.

Founded in 1969, R&D Circuits is a leading manufacturer of time critical, technologically advanced printed wiring boards for the ATE industry. Headquartered in South Plainfield, NJ, R&D Circuits and its subsidiaries offer advanced PWB design, engineering, fabrication and assembly manufacturing services to leading electronics OEMs and their partners worldwide in the semiconductor test industry. For more information, visit www.rdcircuits.com.

About Anestel CorporationAbout Anestel Corporation Founded in 2005, Anestel manufactures and markets test sockets and interposers for testing integrated circuits (computer chips.) These devices test all common chip types, but the ability to test using short electrical lengths makes Anestel an industry leader in testing high-frequency computer chips--a fast-growing segment of the chip market that includes wireless and GPS technologies. Anestel is also a leading manufacturer of custom test sockets. For more informaiton, visit www.anestel.com.



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