Book Review--Survival is Not Mandatory

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A business book recommendation from Dan Beaulieu

Survival is not Mandatory: Everything a CEO Needs to Know about LeanBy: Steve WilliamsPublished by BR PublishingAvailable exclusively by download

I'm in favor of anything that will make PCB fabricators better, and by reading Survival is not Mandatory: Everything a CEO Needs to Know about Lean by my friend (full disclosure is warranted here) Steve Williams of Plexus Corp., you will improve--if you pay attention to and do what he recommends. Steve has put together a simple-to-read and easy-to-use manual describing how to incorporate lean manufacturing techniques into your process to cut inefficiencies and improve productivity. He takes you through a 10-part, step-by-step introduction to lean manufacturing that will leave you wanting more--if you are truly interested in making your company better.

As a marketing person, I was particularly intrigued, and dare I say delighted, by his chapter on the customer called, appropriately enough, The Voice of the Customer, which he began with the epithet: You may in fact be a world-class organization, but if your customers don't perceive you that way, it doesn't really matter. Seldom have truer words been spoken. This chapter also provides an excellent customer survey form for you to download and use. I am not normally a fan of digitized survey forms that use checked off ratings--I prefer, instead, the more direct phone conversation with a long dialogue survey method. But, I also recognize a good survey form when I see one. Plus, I realize that my more direct and personal method of surveying is logistically impossible when needing to survey all of your customers. Use this form--it's worth the download.

Being a "common sense" kind of guy (sorry about that) this is my kind of book--basic, direct and easy to understand. This is the book you have to use when introducing your organization to lean manufacturing. At the risk of sounding like a broken record here, most of the companies in our industry would do well to read this one and take the proper steps to become a better company. With our industry average of sub 85% Quality and Delivery performance, and our miserable financial performance, I will bet a "boatload of beer" that we could use a little more lean in our lives.

One more thing (and yes once full disclosure is warranted, I do work with the I-Connect team)--you should know that this book is available completely free of charge. All you have to do is click the link below. There has never been an easier, more accessible way to help yourself and improve your company. This is a gift to you from Steve Williams, the hosts at I-Connect007, and sponsors Flexible Circuit Technology. Calumet Electronics, Multicircuits, Somacis PCB Industries, Bare Board Group and Circuitronics. It's only common sense. Thank you, Steve Williams.To download a copy of Survival is not Mandatory, visit



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