Ventec USA Prepares for Growth

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Starkey: Ray, I’m impressed by your CV. In my opinion, you have the ideal background for the job.

Young: What I can offer is 40 years’ experience in PCB fabrication. I started straight from high school and worked my way up the ladder from hands-on, shop-floor processing through plant management and general management to senior operations executive roles. And I have worked for some big-name companies supplying the high-technology, high-reliability electronics industry. I’ve got a lot of experience of AS9100C aerospace industry quality management systems, a lot of confidence in Ventec’s materials from a user viewpoint, and a clear appreciation of the high level of support that Southern Californian PCB fabricators demand of their suppliers.

Starkey: And what are your plans for the expansion of the Fullerton service centre?

Young: As well as doubling our panel-sawing capacity and installing clean-room cutting and packaging for pre-pregs, we plan to streamline our distribution channel to give the best possible value to customers in terms of quality, technology, service, and cost. We understand the high-mix, quick-turn nature of our market and can ship almost everything same-day.

Having a press facility, we can cater for the odd-ball requirement--whatever the diversity of material we hold in stock, someone will always want what we don’t have on the shelf. So we can manufacture small quantities of specialist and odd-form laminates, including VT-901 polyimide and a full range of IMS materials, on short lead times. And we’re not afraid of hard work!

Starkey: Thanks, Ray, Jack--a final word from you?

Pattie: It goes without saying that our absolute aim is to give the very best in customer satisfaction. Ventec USA’s outstanding reputation for responsive service and technical back-up continues to grow and we pride ourselves on quality and consistency across a very diverse range of laminate products.


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