Nano System Offers Advanced Drill & Rout Tech to PCB Industry

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Nano System, Inc., the North American distributor for Tongtai Machine & Tool, has made available in its Milpitas headquarters a two-station Tongtai Model SD-220DR CNC drill/rout machine for customer evaluation and testing. Tongtai Machine & Tool Company of Taiwan is the leading manufacturer of CNC machine tools in Asia for the PCB and other industries. Tongtai currently manufactures variety of drilling and routing machine models with air bearing drill spindle speeds of up to 300,000 RPM as well as air or ball bearing routing spindle speeds up to 80,000 RPM for the most demanding PCB applications.

Nano_System.jpgThe Nano System facility in Manchester, New Hampshire is also currently in production on custom laser applications utilizing UV, CO2, green, and IR laser beam delivery systems. The technical staff at Nano System is highly experienced in integrating any laser source, controller, software, optics, and automatic loading/unloading in order to meet custom laser application objectives. Consulting services for optimizing existing or desired new laser beam delivery paths are available as well.

Nano System also provides installation assistance, technical support, service, and spare parts for all of their supplied and existing Hitachi printed circuit board machines from both of their US facilities.

For more information on Nano System’s products and services or to schedule an evaluation of the Tongtai drill/rout machine, contact Sam Sekine.

About Nano System

Nano System, Inc. is the North American distributor for Tongtai Machine & Tool of Taiwan, the leading manufacturer of CNC machine tools in Asia for the PCB and other industries.  President and Chief Executive Officer, Osamu “Sam” Sekine has witnessed the growth of the printed circuit industry worldwide for many years and understands that change is inevitable in a market driven by technological advances in order to meet the ever demanding requirements of the industrial and consumer marketplaces. In addition to distributing the Tongtai line of mechanical drilling and routing machines Nano System operates a facility in Manchester, NH for designing, developing, and manufacturing custom laser systems.

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