Lab Circuits Boosts Capacity with New 6-head Drilling Unit

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Lab Circuits has substantially increased the capacity of its machining department with the addition of a new 6-head drilling unit from the Swiss manufacturer, Posalux.

The addition of the new ULTRA SPEED 6000-6 g-line allows us to adapt to the latest technological requirements.
Equipped with a new camera system, it allows register settings using fiducial markers, offset and/or rotations. Its motors reach a rotation speed of 200,000 rpm, allowing the use of very small diameter drills. The new linear motors on the Z axis increase productivity and precision with quick and easy tool change, reducing downtime.
In the new PCB designs, the number of vias is increased considerably while their diameter is reduced, representing a substantial increase in processing times. The new ULTRA SPEED 6000-6 g-line will allow the correct sizing of the capacity of the machining department, which, with the addition of this machine, has increased its production capacity by more than 30%.



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