Amphenol Invotec Gains UL Approval for I-Tera MT

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Amphenol Invotec Ltd has gained approval from Underwriters Laboratories for I-Tera MT, a very low-loss laminate developed for high-speed applications. 

I-Tera MT laminate materials exhibit exceptional electrical properties which are very stable over a broad frequency and temperature range.

Featuring a dielectric constant (Dk) that is stable between -55°C and +125°C up to 20 GHz, they are suitable for many of today’s high speed digital and RF/microwave printed circuit designs.

They also offer a lower dissipation factor (Df) of 0.0035, making them a cost-effective alternative to PTFE and other commercial microwave and high-speed digital laminate materials.

Amphenol Invotec have already successfully used I-Tera MT on a number of customer sequential lamination and stacked microvia designs, including LDI solder mask defined micro BGAs.

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