PhiChem Appoints Gene Weiner Chairman of Advisory Board

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PhiChem Corporation, parent company of PhiChem America, Inc., today announced the appointment of Gene Weiner, President of Weiner International Associates as Chairman of its Advisory Board, effective immediately.  PhiChem Corporation is one of the world’s leading suppliers of UV curable optical fiber coating materials. Its core expertise in UV curable materials has also been leveraged for a variety of other applications, for example electronic materials and radiation (UV+E-beam) curable silicone-based coatings for release liner applications.

Weiner stated, “I am delighted to be associated with such a dynamic, creative, fast paced, high-tech specialty materials company. I look forward to helping PhiChem forge new milestones in its continued quest to provide new economic solutions to today’s technical challenges and opportunities.”

“There is no substitute for experience, relevant experience, and a track record of success after success,” stated Dr. Jin Zhang, PhiChem Chairman. “Gene Weiner is one of the clear and authoritative voices in the PCB, PCBA and related specialty chemical and materials for the electronic packaging industries.  Gene has seen and been a part of several milestones and technological advances in the industry. We are delighted to be able to have Gene to lead our Advisory Board. ”

Gene Weiner Background:

Mr. Gene Howard Weiner is the president of Weiner International Associates, a business and technical consultancy serving the specialty chemical and electronics industries. The clients of Weiner International Associates have included several Fortune 100 companies.  He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Wong’s Kong King International (Holdings) Ltd. a broad-based public company that has interests in several business sectors of electronics manufacturing including distribution of supplies and equipment as well as assembly services. Mr. Weiner’s executive experience includes several senior-level positions in electronics materials companies, including that of Director and President of New England Laminates Co. Inc.  (a subsidiary of Park Electrochemical), a leading supplier of copper clad laminates to the electronics  industry. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the MBA program of the Malcolm Baldridge School of Business at Post University.  Mr. Weiner is a founding member of the SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association) and has been inducted into the IPC Raymond Pritchard Hall of Fame, the industry's highest award and recognition. In January 2014, he was named a member of the IPC's Ambassadors Council.

About Weiner International Associates:

Weiner International is built on the principle of helping companies enter new markets, improve sales and profits, and become indispensable to their customers. Its services are simultaneously broad-based and focused. They help broaden market boundaries by expanding spheres of influence, evaluating the commercial viability of products and services, and advising the best delivery systems customers in America, Europe and Asia. Its Associates are industry icons and notables.

Its decades of relationship building provides a ready, rapid means to build relationships and establish representation in Europe and Asia, as well as reduce costs with secure trusted manufacturing partners in various parts of the world.  Weiner’s unique experience and broad network of seasoned executives allows Weiner to make a distinct and substantial impact for its clients.

About PhiChem:

PhiChem Corporation is a leading developer, manufacturer and seller of high-performance, cost-effective materials for a wide range of manufacturing sectors, including communications, electronics and consumer products. PhiChem is one of the world’s leading suppliers of UV curable optical fiber coating materials.  Its electronics product portfolio includes key materials for the semiconductor, surface-mount and printed wiring board processing. Recently, the company’s product portfolio has been further diversified to include a line of high-purity alumina materials. These materials can be used for growing Sapphire crystal to make substrates for light emitting diode (LED) and portable electronics display cover manufacturing.



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