Matrix and Hakuto Launch Innovative Dry Film Laminator in N.A.

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Following the announcement of the new Mach630NP laminator at the JPCA Show in June 2015, Matrix and Hakuto have geared up for a North American promotional tour to convey this new technical concept in film lamination.

Matrix is being accompanied during the Aug 2-15 timeframe by Hakuto’s Mitsuhiro Matsubara, International Sales Manager.  They are scheduled for several company visits across the country.

This new film lamination method is particularly geared to process sub 5-mil features.  Since the late 1980’s when circuit packaging began to see 0.005” traces and now sees 0.003” with expectations to go even smaller, fabrication shops have continually wrestled with yield issues in this area.

In addition to the focus on fine features, the new equipment supports:

i) off-line film loading via film cassettes for increased productivity

ii) rubber laminating roll change in less than 5 minutes without tools

iii) quick change in rubber durometer for certain specialized high profile applications

Matrix intends to sell and support two different models of the equipment, Mach 630NP, the standard version, and Mach 6630NP an upgraded version with the cassette loading capability.

Fred Long, Matrix Business Development, sees this as a breakthrough in dry film lamination. He says, “Having been in the PCB design and supply industry for over 40 years and being exposed to the increasing need for smaller connection features, it is exciting to know that there are ways to help today’s fabricators meet this new level of miniaturization.  Since the inception of dry film lamination, the process of squeezing two hot rolls at their end axis points has caused roll bending.  Hakuto now presents a different approach whereby the film is attached with a process that minimizes this issue and provides optimal heat and pressure across the entire surface of the panel.”

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