Plasma Etch, Inc. Releases New Technical Details About The World’s First Plasma Etching System Requiring No CF4 Gas

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Plasma Etch Inc, a leader in plasma innovation, has released new details about the workings of the Magna plasma etching system.  The Magna series utilizes the newest technologies available, eliminating the need for CF4 gas, a harmful contributor to ozone layer depletion.  CF4 gas is presently used by PCB manufacturers using plasma etching systems across the globe.

Oxygen is introduced from an on-board oxygen generator; meaning no cylinders!  The machine uses a dry vacuum pumping system that is maintenance-free, requiring no oil.  Magna promises considerable yearly operating cost savings as compared to conventional large plasma treatment systems.

In addition to being green, Magna boasts faster etch rates than conventional systems and better etch uniformity due to a rotating carousel fixture.  The device has a large capacity; eight 19" x 28" panels can be processed per load cycle, with both sides processed simultaneously!

In 1987 the company invented a true plasma process temperature control system allowing a consistent temperature to be maintained throughout the plasma cycle.  The temperature is controlled completely independently of the plasma process. This temperature control system is an integral part of Magna’s ability to etch without CF4 or supplied oxygen gasses.  The pattern of innovation at Plasma Etch has allowed implementation of the world’s first truly green plasma etching system.

Check out the revolutionary Magna plasma system and all of Plasma Etch’s products for sale or rent on their website.

About Plasma Edge

Plasma Etch is a leading manufacturer and industry innovator since 1980.  The company has held several patents for the invention, development and manufacturing of groundbreaking innovations; paving the way for plasma technology and the enhancement of quality manufacturing worldwide.  Plasma Etch specializes in plasma cleaning solutions of all sizes.

The company offers patented plasma treatment systems for a range of uses within industry.  Their products are industry proven, and set the standard for reliability, speed and uniformity in plasma processing.



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